Working Through Discomfort – Black Creatives

First let me say thank you to Melissa Kimble for asking me to take part in such a great chat within an amazing community. I’ve known her online for years now.

The other two guest were Tiffany and Rob. They were dropping gems left and right. The chat was moving so fast I had to go through storify to capture as many as possible so I can always refer to what people shared.

This being a topic which people reach out to me for help especially using journaling to get through something, I not only shared my experience and knowledge but I learned quite a lot as well. If anything if you are in business, a Twitter chat is a great way to see exactly what your target audience has to share about their problems. Which helps you create a solution to eliminate that problem.

The one thing I saw repeatedly is anxiety.

Knowing we’re in a hyper-sensitive culture right now due to so many outside influences beyond our control I had no idea just how bad anxiety is within the black community. I read stats and articles all the time for my research (best to always study your industry and what you do, you can never know too much). But reading what people shared, helped me to see that there’s still work to be done. And I definitely have a space in the marketplace.

Okay, enough about my thoughts on the chat. Let’s get to it. Read through the tweets and hopefully you find some comfort from the ‘Working Through Discomfort’ Black Creatives Twitter Chat.

And don’t forget you can always purchase your copy of the Detox the B.S. Journal if you are ready to release that anxiety from your life.