Why I Write Daily Emails

Instead of blogging daily, I decided to do a daily email. This started on my 33rd birthday last month. I share very personal experiences. It’s as if you get to read the depths of my personal-business journal. I decided to do this to show you how simple journaling is and to also show you that you’re not the only one dealing with certain situations

Some of my best content, experiences, stories, lessons are shared in my daily email.

I literally open myself up in my daily emails in ways you won’t experience on social media, my blog, my FB group or podcast. I share personal experiences you can relate to. Lessons you can learn from. Most importantly, I share how simple journaling is when you do it for 10 minutes a day.

If you listen to my podcast, then you know I speak on taboo topics. Well I confess unpopular opinions in my daily email. Being truthful is just something I do. Business is hard enough without having to worry about who to trust. I share experiences, lessons, stories to help you become aware of what to do and what not to do as an entrepreneur. And why journaling is an effective stress management tool.

Stress comes into our life when we try to overcompensate for areas that aren’t working out.

Every day I send out an email to my list to help them reflect on their life choices.


I’m telling you right now, my daily emails will touch you in ways you’ve never experienced when it comes to business. It’s time you get the truth about what it takes mentally and emotionally to make it in a cutthroat environment. Am I saying your competitors are out to get you? No. What I am saying is to make it in business, you have to be mentally and emotionally prepared to deal with the daily battles you will face as you create, start, manage, grow, expand your business.

Who loves to get more emails? No one really. But what if you receive a daily email that pushes you towards peace.

The Truth Confidant does more than just teach stressed individuals how to claim their peace via journaling. It shows you how to protect yourself mentally and emotionally. It shows you how to remove stressors. It shows you how to create the environment you need so peace can flourish. It shows you that a temporary setback won’t destroy you. It may delay you but not destroy you. The Truth Confidant is your guide to peace. Most importantly, it’s your guide through the uncomfortable parts of life you have to go through to get to the peace you desire.

Come read my inner thoughts daily. http://eepurl.com/H5xhz

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