Why Blogalicious Conference 2014 Was A Must Attend

Yes this post is late. Like real late but oh well. I’m finally sharing.

I have wanted to attend Blogalicious Conference for the preceding 2 years before I actually did. I was a speaker last year. So attending for the first time and speaking was icing on the cake. To say my senses were in overload is an understatement.

What can I say about the Blogalicious Conference?

Well I won’t do a recap because you can easily google that and see all the rave reviews. But I can share why you should attend this conference or one in your industry.

This is part of something I actually posted in the Blogalicious Private Facebook group. But its relevant to those who love my post on why you should only invest in 4 major events a year.

Overall I think bloggers still struggle with being professional in the sense that this is an industry and a business for quite a few of us. Just like educators (I used to be one) have to take professional development, so should bloggers. Conferences such as Blogalicious is our professional development. We’re supposed to have fun and connect but most important position ourselves to be more efficient and knowledgeable about our industry when we leave. So we can implement and get that ROI like everyone claims they want but many actually don’t do the work to get it.

If you are a blogger and want to take what you are doing serious and learn to be more efficient, get paid campaigns and more, then you must attend a blog conference of some sort. There are lots out there. I’ve been to quite a few and speak at them. The two best blog conferences I can honestly say I will continue to invest in are Blog Elevated and Blogaclious Conference.


They are about holding their bloggers to the highest of standards and ensuring you GET what you pay for and so much more.

If you say you can’t afford to attend, guess what?

You have an entire year to save to attend one of these conferences. If your blog means something to you and you want to begin to get paid from it then you’ll make the investment in yourself and your blog.

And it didn’t hurt that fine as wine Lamman Rucker was at Blogalicious either. IJS.