When You Hit The Floor Literally

Yep, it happened to me last week.

So I’m teaching to a class full of refugees. I start to feel hot. Then I get dizzy. I tried to make it to the restroom. And I’m on the floor freaking them out. The flu took me all the way out last week and it was the worst feeling I’ve had in a very long time. I literally had to shut things down for a week. It wasn’t until yesterday that I could actually do anything. I went to a conference but that wore me out too. Until then all I could do was make it to the bathroom and that was about it.

To be crippled in a sense is not fun. It can be frustrating. In the past, I would have been frustrated. However, I was really too sick to care. I needed that rest. I gave myself the time and space to rest. Well I had NO choice. I worked here and there but I realized the work is the reason my body said,


When I hit the floor it taught me 3 lessons that as painful as they were, needed to be learned.

  • Never think others care about a collaborative project as much as you then get upset when you can’t get them to care the same way you do. Even though they may claim to care.
  • Sometimes the moment you think things are going to finally come together is the exact moment it all falls apart so you can see how it should really be put together.
  • It’s okay to fall back from something you created. You can put other people in roles and positions and you can fall back to do the things you actually like to do.

These lessons will help you see and feel less stress when it comes to situations you may be dealing with. If nothing else, your body will tell you what you refused to pay attention when your thoughts were trying to get your attention.

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