VIP Events at Texas Governor Mansion and #DellVenue

This past Monday and Tuesday I was in Austin attending some private events since I was in town to speak at the Texas Conference for Women.

As a blogpreneur who is expanding my speaking stream in my business I always welcome the opportunity to be in a room full of influencers.

I didn’t take pictures at either event (we all know I’m not the best at remembering to do that) but I do have some great takeaways to share.

Monday evening after arriving in Austin behind schedule (partly due to finalizing some details for Fusion Tour) I made it to the Texas Governor Mansion for a VIP welcome reception for the conference.  I did have the chance to hear Governor Perry welcome us all to his home and to the conference in his wife’s absence.

The next day I spoke at the Texas Conference for Women but will share more about that tomorrow. Come back to read that.

After the conference I attended a private event hosted by Dell called #DellVenue. Luckily it was a few blocks from the convention center so I didn’t have far to drive. Or the chance to get lost.

It was a girls night out where they wanted to share about the new Dell Tablet with women entrepreneurs and bloggers. You know women love technology if it’ll make life easier and we will buy whatever makes the day flow smoother, right?

We had a preview of how to use the new tablet which reminded me of the Microsoft Surface. But this tablet can be attached to a console and works like a laptop or used alone as a tablet. Can we say no more transferring documents between Dropbox (which I love) or a USB?

And it’s light and small enough to carry in a purse.

While at the #DellVenue event I met two Austin bloggers I’m connected with online The Work At Home Woman and Home Girl Blog. It’s always nice to met online connections in real life. I also had the opportunity to speak with Natalie Cofield whom I co-hosted a Twitter Town Hall with last month on “Lessons for Success in Business.” We met for the first time earlier as we were both speakers at the conference that day.

Now we all know I have a tour coming up and I am always looking for great collaborations between companies and the women who attend Fusion Tour. For the first time in my blogging life I approached a brand in person and let them know about my tour. I wanted to know if they would be interested in sponsoring. So I pushed my fear aside and introduced myself.

The biggest takeaway I have from attending is to not let the opportunity slip away when it’s right in front of my face. I needed to create an opportunity for Fusion Tour and all it took was introducing myself to open the door. Now I did follow my networking strategy to make this happen. I never attend an event without a strategy in place on how to maximize my time there.

As I continue to grow this new brand, I know having an award winning, solid reputation from my previous blog will only help me continue to receive opportunities where I can continue to take this blog to the next level.


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