Verizon Minority Owned Business Summit recap #vzwhoustonsmb #spon

This is a post I was compensated for. 

Yesterday I attended the Verizon Minority-Owned Business Summit. This was the first event I’ve done social media for all year. I felt like a fish out of water by hour 3, lol. But the gems being shared were just  so on point.

Here are my 5 key takeaways:

    • There is no such thing as jobs for just men or just women anymore. We can choose the jobs we want (or business for that matter) in this country. Just put in the work and learn as much as you can about your industry.
    • Big risks. Big rewards. I feel that way about selling Women Are Gamechangers. We can’t progress in business if we’re stuck on being safe and comfortable.
    • Who’s in your network? It’s very important that you have people who will help you move forward in your business whether you have direct contact with them or not. You can’t win (be successful) by yourself. You need a team. Everyone’s contributions will help you reach your end goal.

    • As a blogger who avoids technology like the plague, I was impressed by how integral Verizon is to help your business be profitable, mobile and productive while reducing paper. Now I love paper/pen. In fact, I wrote this post on paper/pen (which will be recycled). But it makes sense if you are moving around your city or traveling around the country to always have your contracts at your fingertips. One day I will use all technology. I do use some of the apps below.

  • Speak to people sitting next to you. Whoa! I know as introverts we hate that. Okay I do. I prefer to go to events to learn then leave. Not such a good idea. Especially not such a good idea when you are attending an event life Verizon’s Minority-Owned Business Summit. I was able to speak to a couple to a couple of people about the Houston African American Bloggers which I may not have known existed otherwise.

When I saw this event pop up on my FB timeline by Momma of Dos, I knew I had to attend. Then I was asked to join the team. Not only did I learn, meet new influeners, make connections but I was able to sought out for the influence I have.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with this team. I highly encourage you to make strong connections in your city for your business. The most efficient way to do that may be to utilize what Verizon has to offer.

{Full Disclosure:  This is a post I was compensated for. On occasion, I may be asked by a company to share something with you or cover an event. I will give my account of the event or task I was assigned. Yes, they are paying me but my opinion is my own of the actual event. I want to share my experience from my point of view. To read my entire blog policy, click here.}

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