U.S. Chamber Small Business Event Houston 2019

Last week I attended the U.S. Chamber Small Business Event held in Houston. It was the first stop on their 5 city tour. A blog friend invited me and I didn’t have anything else planned that day. Plus, I don’t think I’ve been out to an event strictly to network this year, so I said why not.

The venue is definitely one of Houston’s hidden gems. From the outside it looks subdue but once you walk inside of the The Bell Tower on 34th you are taken into a place that feels like you can lounge and enjoy delicious treats all day. The food was delish. Lunch was so overwhelming with options though. But I tried as many different dishes as I could. I needed a nap afterwards. Not just from peopleing but from all the food I ate. And I didn’t even eat a lot but it was so filling.

Okay, enough about the food. I could talk about it all day. Let’s get to the event.

I didn’t have any expectations on the event. I wanted to just go, see what it was about and meet some new people. Every now and then this introvert likes to meet new people to keep things fresh. And I definitely did meet some amazing people, had great conversations and looking forward to see how that continues past the event.

I would say overall the speakers were good. I felt it was moreso for people who just started or needed a reminder about the entrepreneurial journey. I would say the V.P. from Metlife did share some useful stats that I shared online. I was probably most alert during her session. The day felt like it moved fast but we still were able to enjoy all the speakers at the same time.

Y’all know I love to live-tweet when I’m at an event. So here’s a few things I shared for those who didn’t make it to this event.

While I may not know how the connections I made turn out, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was for me to go up and talk to people and vice-versa. If you want to learn more about the tour and their big conference in October or watch the sessions, go check out their website.

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