The Truth Confidant’s Entrepreneurial Journey

the truth confidant

Other than the person who will change your life in a good way. I am a great listener who is able to give perspective you may not see in a direct yet transparent way. But before we dive into who The Truth Confidant™  is, let’s learn a little about my journey.

In 1995, I started my first businesses. I babysat the neighborhood kids and sold school supplies to my classmates. Plus I was always one of the top fundraisers in all the clubs I belonged to. So I’m not new to entrepreneurship. The only thing that’s changed in 21 years is what I sell.

Over the years, I’ve started other projects and even tried to start a nonprofit. (SN: I do actually run a nonprofit association that I helped get organized in 2014, learn more about the Houston African American Bloggers Association.) But frustration and lack of patience got the best of me with those endeavors.

Then I began blogging in 2009 and that changed everything, literally. Fast forward to 2011 and the birth of Women Are Gamechangers happened. Over the course of running that blog business for 4.5 years, I learned so much about who I am and what I actually want to provide for you.

So back to who I am.

I am a walking oxymoron. I am outspoken yet reserved. Quiet yet talkative. Adventurous yet love solitude. But most importantly, I understand what it feels like to get fed up when things don’t work out. Frustrated when things take too long to work. And burnt out when you’ve given it your all and it still didn’t work out.

So this is how I help you.

Taking my past experiences, I created a podcast, 90 day cycle email course, a webinar and Truth Power session to help curb your burnout while ensuring your productivity and creativity. (SN: I’ve taught art to kids and was a Kindergarten and First Grade Teacher so I’m great at being creative to get the job done.) I created what I knew would have helped me avoid burnout. Now you may think well all of this exist already. They do.

So what makes you different?

Glad you asked. I didn’t invent any of this but I have put an innovative twist to make what I do relateable yet easy to incorporate into your daily habit. Simple yet specific to make a big impact in your business.

With my podcast, A Toast To Truths, I wanted to share entrepreneurship experiences where you heard how the emotional, mental and financial toll a decision made impacted us not only professionally but personally as well.

The 90 Day Cycle email course gives you simple yet specific actions you can incorporate into your business keeping you focused on being productive instead of busy while offering flexibility to not have every single minute of your day planned. (SN: I work better in chunks of time but not the same chunks of time each day. And I know many of you work the same way too.)

The teleseminar is in response to people fed up and frustrated with their family, friends and online community not responding to their business the way they want them too.

And the Truth Power Sessions are an intense session or half day intensive teaching you how to incorporate journaling as a daily habit to curb burnout. Sessions provide more than “just” journaling. They offer a way for you to create a goal with a strict deadline of 90 days, create your own system all while making progress you can measure. The end result is an accomplished goal (or realistic progress that your goal is within reach).

So that’s who I am and what I do for you. If you’re tired of being frustrated and fed up with lack of progress in your business, then check out one of my offerings and get started being productive TODAY!