The Truth Confidant™ Journal Is Coming…

For months I’ve shared via social media not only about journaling but the benefits as well.


Journaling has afforded me peace of mind and a way to get thoughts out of my mind in an organized manner. Those cluttered thoughts usually trip me up from moving forward. Yes, I get hung up on my own thoughts, too. It’s not what I like to admit but that’s why I really dove deep into the research process and benefits of journaling. Anyone can write but doing so consistently while mentally detoxing and actually having a goal in mind to accomplish is not as easy for everyone as you may think.

I created my first journal prototype in October 2015. I didn’t like it at all. So I continued to create what I wanted. Not to select from pre-designed pages or have a planner feel to it. I needed something that combined both a personal and professional use in one place. I hate having to have multiple journals because they don’t have what I want.

I hosted a 13 week program with a draft of my journal. Listening to the ladies share I was able to adapt things that were more focused on getting your thoughts organized in a way that moves you from point A to B. After that ended, I continued to work on it even though people I knew or knew of were putting their own journals out to sell way before I was ready. Instead of feeling pressured to put mine out, I begun to share more journaling info.


Again, I am stressing the process and benefits of journaling.

So I won’t give you journal prompts because that’s more of a call/response in my opinion. That doesn’t allow for deep thinking instead it makes you find an answer to a question. That doesn’t give you a chance to dive deep into your own personal thoughts and let them surface to see what validity they even have. I also didn’t give a lot of blank pages with no direction. Most people aren’t big fans of writing. So I have guided descriptions to help you understand 12 different types of journaling.

I love to keep things simple yet elegant. And that’s exactly the feel I took with this journal. After literally 8 months of crafting a journal I’ve been searching for, I’m proud to say it’s complete. The Freedom Journal created by John Lee Dumas took a year from idea to launch. So I feel good about crafting a quality product. It’s not about how fast I can put something out anymore but about the sustainability you receive from what I put out.

Now I’m searching for a printer.

That in and of itself has been a challenge. This is so far from my realm of knowledge. However, this journal has to be in the marketplace. So I will find a printer who understands my vision for what I want to convey with this journal as well as the construction and aesthetic I expect.

This is NOT a $2.99 generic, slap my name on the cover type of journal. This is a necessary tool your business desires.

The purpose is to

  • have your ideas organized so you’re more productive
  • free to think to allow your creativity to flourish
  • and structured enough to teach you how to mentally detox.

Think about all the information you’ve acquired over the years. Now you finally have a tool to put it all together in a way that leads your business towards profitability.

Get your copy today