Time For Me To Hibernate

I’m sleep. Don’t wake me.

So, what am I talking about? Why am I sleep? I love my sleep by the way. So, I will hurt anyone who messes with my good REM sleep. Don’t play yourself with my sacred time. IJS.

Since we’ve entered the new year it’s been nothing but attack after attack after attack. But no one would know that. I’m not having meltdowns on Facebook trying to get sympathy or play the victim. Nor am I trying to defend myself from these attacks. I don’t see the need. I know who I am. I know my intentions. There’s no reason for me to defend what I’ve said or done.

With that being said my family has gone through a lot. I lost an uncle this week, my grandfather was in the hospital almost a month, an aunt has stage 4 cancer and another uncle was on a ventilator. My mom is dealing with her siblings and father going through all of that. As you can expect you have those few family members looking to see what they can get out of all of this. Family can be a stressor for many people. Not me. I’ve limited myself to a few people in my family thus cutting out all that unnecessary drama. But my mom shares what’s going on with me. She needs a sounding board during this time and I’m that person.

So, dealing with that in addition to running a blog association, dealing with the flu, running my own blog business, teaching English plus having to consult my attorney on a matter, you might think I’m ready to run away. Throw in the towel. Give up.

I’m not.

I still have peace in my heart. I still have joy in my heart.

But I have been annoyed lately by other people’s actions. That’s something I must deal with personally and let it go. I can’t be responsible for how other’s act nor can I change what they are doing to annoy me. This is something a lot of us deal with. Learning how to get past being annoyed by other people’s actions.

When I said publicly I wanted to help other people get to peace. I had no idea I would be tested in a way that would try to bring me to my knees. Yet, here I am standing tall through it all.

I’ve decided to say, ‘NO’ to everyone for the next month maybe two. That includes family.

I need time to just breath and not be anyone’s saving grace. I need to put what I want to do professionally first. That requires time, energy, effort, money, resources. Things I have been giving to other people. I willing gave. And I don’t want nor expect it to be returned. It was my choice to give. I gave freely and without condition.

However, it’s time for me to hibernate. The last time I did this so much was removed from my life and I was able to see and create opportunities that have pushed me to new heights. Plus, I need to hang with my girls. I need to not be so focused on growing my brands, building businesses. And thankfully, when I reached out all my girls were on board to help me ease back into a non-work related social life.

I have decided to walk away from a leadership role I created. With that decision, that means I now have things I need to do to make that transition. Even though a close friend wants me to just take a break and think about it. I have. It’s time for me to move on.

I have some opportunities I will explore over the next few weeks. Things that look promising.

But it’s time I shut myself off from saving others.

I will continue to be active in my personal Facebook group with the 90-Day Detox the BS Challenge. I will continue to do the LinkedIn video challenge. Plus pop on social media when I feel like it.

During the course of my seclusion and ONLY doing the work I’ve already committed to, I will see what should stay in my life and what should go. Well I know what should go so I’ll just work on making that happen.

I want to share that life will come at you fast. Whether you’re ready or not, it’s coming. If you follow what’s shared in the ‘Detox the BS’ Journal, you’ll know how to handle it with grace, calm and dignity.

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