Three Years In Then I’m Out

I feel like a Millennial contradiction at times. I don’t like the stereotypes about my generation yet at the same time I fall into many of them.

After 3 years and some really good success stories that I can’t share publicly because they are too personal, I have decided to no longer pursue Detox the B.S as of June 30, 2018. Well I’ll sell the journals I have left at home until they are gone. So, if you want to buy a journal, let me know. I can even autograph it for you.

I’ve noticed a pattern that after 3 years I begin to get itchy. Like I’ve conquered that challenge. Now I’m ready for a new one.

Such as why it was time for me to leave HAAB. And not everything I’ve done made it to three years either. But HAAB did and I’m glad to have built something no one else has and let that be part of my legacy. I will share more on why I’m leaving in both a video and podcast episode. So stay tuned.

The three things I’ve stuck with longer than 3 years is this blog, my former blog and teaching English as a Second Language. But as of today, I’m only working on this blog. Everything else has been put aside.

  • Where does that leave you?
  • Where am I going?
  • Do you care to go along for the ride?

It leaves you with all the lessons I have learned. Also, I am going back to what I started doing in 2011. I am back to being an event blogger.


People are finally paying now. Well, they’ve been paying me but I’ve learned how to leverage events to more than just being paid as a blogger covering it. Plus, I thoroughly enjoy doing it. I like planning my own events as well.

This is real entrepreneurship.

When you are done with something, you move on. When something is no longer working despite best efforts to change things, you move on. When you are doing something you don’t like doing but others expect if from you, you move on. If you are truly building a business that you want to be proud of then you build one how you see fit.

When I made the decision to change at the beginning of May I wasn’t sure what to expect. So many people have already pigeon-holed me into boxes that fit their comprehension of my skills, interests and services. Well as soon as I got back to Houston from Atlanta I was able to schedule 2 consultations. Well one went ahead and hired me less than 24 hours after I sent the proposal. That’s a good sign, right? And the other is reviewing as that would be an on-going project. Either way, I’m on my way to making what I started into a profitable business model.

It took me going through some things (some thangs you hear me), learning the hard way (could those lessons be any harder?), building connections (they now refer me when they hear anyone needing a blogger, Thank y’all for that love and support) and a solid reputation (being able to walk into a room and people already know what you do is the result of years of hard world) to get to where my results and resume speak for themselves.

If you are 3 years in then out like I have been, sit still and evaluate why? Are you doing things you like? Are you doing things others say you should? Are you doing things that only make you money but you have no interest in doing more than is required? Are you doing things that you thought were your purpose but ended up gaining skills instead? Really think why you are 3 years in then out.

That shaky, unreliable decision-making (yes, I’m talking about myself) will bring you inconsistent money. That’s not what I want. I know it’s not what you want. But that skill development, resume-building, adding valuable connections can really propel you into the next chapter or season of your business if you’re wise to learn from the lessons.

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