The One I Wrote For You

I was given private access to this film for my review. Opinions about this film are my own. You may look at my blog disclosure policy for more information.

Well The One I Wrote For You was an unexpectant surprise of great storytelling. The trailer had me thinking it would go one direction. But I was wrong. Now I won’t give you scene by scene of what’s happening in the film. However, I will give you two central themes from the film that resonated with me the most.

The central theme that resonated with me was integrity. Even though this film is about a man following his dream at the support of his family, that’s not what stuck with me. Ben held firm to his integrity most of the film. Oops, spoiler alert or is it? Ben gave a lesson in standing firm in your integrity when faced with obstacles pursuing your dream. I know we’ve all had those tests a time or two. Did you stand firm or take a detour before you got back on track? What did Ben do? Guess you’ll have to check that out December 5.

The One I Wrote For You dvd

The other theme that is closely related to following your dream is success is not the same for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you want to be a singer or not. How you get there is based on your definition of integrity but how you feel after you get there is determined by your definition of success. Is success going on tour, screaming adoring fans, lights, camera & action or is it knowing you are waking up living your dream every single day? That’s up to you. And that’s what Ben had to determine for himself.

My dream is to travel to the 10 least populous countries in the world. What's yours?
My dream is to travel to the 10 least populous countries in the world. What’s yours?

What I enjoyed most about The One I Wrote For You is how Ben opened up to listen to his family and pursue something he thought he no longer wanted. Along the journey was more than seeking a dream. It was a path to self-discovery on what integrity and success truly means.

If you’re in Texas check out this film. It’s only playing at Texas theaters. Hopefully it’ll make it nationwide as this is the type of film we need to end 2014 with. We need to know that no matter what decisions we make in life if the opportunity comes up again to pursue our dream we should see what happens.

Check out the trailer:

Honestly it was one of those sappy, feel good films. But it made you feel good not in a way where you wanted to roll your eyes but in a way you wanted to see what Ben would choose to do?

Tell me. What is a dream of yours?