The #IntrovertsExplained In All Its Glory

To the creator of #IntrovertsExplained I thank you. This was so needed in an online dialogue.

For introverts social interactions are often challenging.  And not for the reasons you may think. But this hashtag opened up a world of comfort and camaraderie among introverts mainly millennials. Here we were able to share from our perspective and know we weren’t alone. To go most of your life being told we need to stop being shy, get out and meet people. Ugh!!! Social media is great but sometimes we do have to leave the house.

I was here for this entire hashtag. I felt like I found people who understand what it’s like to have to deal with people and just need personal space. As an introvert who wasn’t aware of it until a couple of years ago (thanks society) I have had to think of creative ways to also be “out there” for my business yet stay true to myself.

If you know any introverts in your life, then take a peek at some of these tweets. They will truly help you get inside the head of how we think. That way you know what to say or not say as well as what to do or not do around us.

I only captured about 560 or so. I got tired and felt like watching Netflix. It was a Friday night after all. So enjoy what I did get. And head to Twitter to check and see if anyone posted anything new.