The Evolution of Blogger Vernetta R. Freeney Part II

So last post you learned a little about my journey. I’ve been open about my journey since the beginning. It’s been woven through the years in different ways. But last post I wanted people to know where I was when I started. Especially where I was emotionally and financially.

This post I want to share where I am currently. I’ll share where I plan to go in a future post this month.

So where has the evolution of blogger Vernetta R. Freeney taken me?

After 7 years of blogging through a range of business related topics and everything else you read in Part I, I am back to doing what I love. I am back to being a paid event blogger. However, this time around I know what’s up. I am able to choose better and be wiser when working with events. The lessons I’ve learned along the way in various roles has helped me to see blogging as more than a place to vent or share my opinions. It has shown me this is an industry. For someone who loves to write, I literally write, type or journal daily, I can create a business around that.

Oh how things have changed though. I talked about the changes to sponsored posts a couple months back. But today as an event blogger and entrepreneurship podcaster, I have found my sweet spot. They say (who is they btw?) that 7 is the number of completion.

Does that mean that my training and preparation as a blogger is over?

Does this qualify me as an expert now?

Who knows. But I do know this, my voice whether people like me or not or want to admit it or not is something many people are copying, mimicking and profiting off of. I know people who have taken what I’ve created and copied for their business. Some even told me they were doing it to my face.

Why am I sharing this?

It’s confirmation for me that my evolution means my experience has taught others whether directly by me or indirectly by them watching me. At first I was pissed. I won’t lie about it. I was tired of people doing what I worked weeks or months to think of, create and execute. Then I noticed it happening to others as well. So I had to learn that some people aren’t original. They can copy but can’t make a move until the person they are copying has.

This also showed me that not only do I have a voice but I have ideas, a drive that’s unmatched and perseverance for completion that others may not have. With all of that, I was recently brought on to be the Advertising Consultant for The Sphere Podcast Network. The past 7 years has trained and prepared me for a role that I never saw coming, imagined or even thought I would be qualified to have.

So I guess I just answered my earlier question.

Anyway, I’m excited to still cover/produce events, speak about blogging and business plus create an advertising program for podcasters. Who knows where the next 7 years will take me? But at least I know it’ll be worth the ride and the wait.

So to everyone who has supported, celebrated, helped or even talked about me, I Thank You. Knowing my words stirred something up in you means a lot to me. As a former educator, I always want people to walk away from me thinking critically and not being complacent with this is how things are. Y’all blogging has been the second longest thing I’ve done in my professional life behind teaching ESL. There’s so much more in store and I hope you’re rocking with me over the next 7 years.

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