The Age of “Sponsored Posts” Coming to a Close?

If you’ve been blogging for years then you know sponsored posts were gold for a period of time. Everyone worked to get them. At a time, they were somewhat easy to get as many people didn’t understand how influencer marketing worked using bloggers. Plus, people didn’t know how to adequately price the sponsored posts from the blogger perspective and know what outcomes were necessary to make that price justifiable from the brand or business perspective.

Times are a changing.

The age of sponsored posts coming to a close is more real than ever before. Bloggers can’t rely solely or even largely on sponsored posts anymore. To make a substantial profit from them would require higher prices. Or get more of them.

  • But can you as a blogger justify a higher price?
  • Will your audience respond favorably to those posts?
  • Will your audience ignore them because they see it as an ad and they are tired of seeing ads?

These are things that are now in the audience minds when seeing #sponsored #spon #ad on a social media post.

Honestly, I usually see the retweets and shares when these hashtags are used from other influencers on the campaign. Rarely, will the bloggers audience share or retweet. They may watch the video, listen to the audio or read the blog post.

But are they sharing it?

If not, a higher price for a sponsored post is not something you can expect. A higher price can be justified if the metrics show the videos are being watched and the posts read.

Will bloggers still make money from sponsored posts?

Absolutely. They won’t disappear overnight. In fact, they may change shape to fit more into the voice era we’re getting ready to enter and the video era we’re living in now. If sponsored posts are your bread and butter, then you need to think of another way to keep income coming in via your blog platform.

I see a lot of new bloggers immediately rushing to get sponsored posts but they lack;

  • an actual blog platform,
  • an audience that will respond favorably to the post,
  • understanding of the strategy necessary to get desired outcomes
  • or basic knowledge of how to negotiate with a brand or business as an entrepreneur and not as a blogger looking to get paid.

As a natural researcher, I’ve seen trends coming. I’ve also made the decision to think long-term in terms of what I create and do to make money via my blog. Yes, I’ve done sponsored posts. Understanding this is my business and how I plan to make a living, I make sponsored posts part of a bigger service I offer; event blogging. That way I can add more value thus raising my fee and those same people come back because I understand what strategy is necessary to get the desired results they came to me to get.

If you can’t leverage sponsored posts into something bigger then you will become frustrated and possibly financially hurting when this era of easy sponsored posts comes to a close.

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