Texas Conference for Women Left Me Mesmerized by Leymah Gbowee

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of speaking at the Texas Conference for Women. Last year I was a volunteer and part of their social media street team. See what a difference a year makes?

I spoke about ‘Marketing Your Blog’ and participated in the local leader meet up. I’ll break down how both of those went tomorrow.

First I want to share the takeaways from some of the Keynotes and sessions I attended that day.

One thing Bob Beaudine stated was sometimes you’re asking the wrong who. That hit me like a ton of bricks. As any new blogger does, we are always asking others for help. Without realizing that most of those people don’t care to help or not the right ones to help. I know as I was creating Fusion tour I asked a lot of so-called “experts” for help. The sad part was I paid for that help and it actually took me back further than where I started. Finding your ‘who’ is just as important as any aspect of your business. The right ‘who’ will help elevate you. The wrong ‘who’ can take you down a path that will cause more harm than help.

Esmeralda Santiago summed up her speech with, “I made this day happen because I am creating my own life.” I truly believe your day turns out by what you plan to create at the start of your day. If you haven’t seen the PBS film about her memoir, ‘Almost a Woman‘ you are missing out. She shares how her entire childhood created the woman she is today.

Delia Ephron said, “Your creative outlet let’s you make sense of your life.” I never realized writing was my creative outlet until I started blogging. Now I’ve kept journals for years. I still write in them. I love paper and pen. It’s something about those two where they help me make magic with my words. Also writing is the most effective way I know how to communicate my feelings. As someone who grew up writing my deepest thoughts and feelings I didn’t know blogging could be another outlet for sharing my thoughts until a few years ago. Now I’m being asked to share how others can use to platform as well.

Sallie Krawcheck really made me think about this statement, “When you have a sponsor (and no bloggers it’s not someone who pays for your blog or events) you can lean in and someone has your ankles.” Let me explain this. A sponsor is someone who is more involved in your career than a mentor. This person is pouring their knowledge and energy into you. Mostly sponsors are the ones who see that special spark in you and want to help you develop and nurture it. Being an entrepreneur I know personally that a sponsor would be a great asset to me and help me shave years off the learning curve I’m currently on.

I saved my favorite for last. Leymah Gbowee is someone I’ve admired for years. I’ve seen the documentary ‘Pray the Devil Back to Hell‘ about the work she does in Liberia for the rights of women and was thrilled when she won the Nobel Peace Prize 2011. I saw her sitting in the speaker’s lounge and asked if she would sign my book. She did. But I’ve never in my life been more nervous asking someone to sign my book before. I heard my voice quiver which means so did she. She just smiled and we chatted for a minute. That exchange really made my day.

Leymah’s keynote was definitely the most touching. She shared how she was motivated then determined to stop the harm to girls and women not just in her native Liberia but around the world. After hearing all that she does and the several job titles she holds, I should never complain about being busy again. When she said, “The world is waiting for you to change the tide.” I knew at that moment that everything I have been holding back needs to be released. The world is waiting not just for me but you too.

It was a standing ovation after Leymah finished her speech.

The world is waiting to receive the gifts we were born to share. Whether it’s starting a business that provides jobs in your community, being a community activist, blogging on topics that helps to give people different perspectives or being a Gamechanger on your job, the world is waiting for you to change the tide TODAY!!!

Texas Conference for Women

Now all the speakers were great. But what they shared above stuck out to me the most. Tomorrow you will read more about what I spoke about.

Here are some tweets I shared or retweets from the day:







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