Stop. Collaborate. Listen.

Ice, ice baby.

I hope you got the theme of this week’s journal entry. In slang lingo ice means jewels, right? Well, God dropped some jems into my life this month. By jems I mean he showed me that all I have been forcing wasn’t meant for me. I am meant for something different. Something I never saw coming.

Earlier this year, I took 8 weeks off social media to “rest” yet I never did. I was talking to my biz bestie the other day and we talked about the pressure to always have something “next” when people ask. I forced some things to happen and they flopped. They flopped so bad no one knew I did them. Ouch! And over the last few months I started making prayer more of a priority in my life. Praying has made me stop doing a lot of things. Not “moving” has allowed me to see what I am doing, what I shouldn’t be doing, and where I actually want to go. So STOP moving if you feel frustrated with the direction you are currently headed. 

I hosted the Creatives Coworking Day earlier this month. I had no plans for it. I just wanted a space to work with other people. Can you believe I didn’t plan that at all????? True. Not like me though. What struck me was on everyone’s way out, they asked when the next one was? Huh???? I only thought to have that one. I have hosted at least 1 coworking day per year since 2014. I know, right? Someone reminded me during the Facebook Live earlier this month she remembered attending the first one I hosted. Fast forward to this month and God told me to reach out to Tia Randle the day after the coworking day. I did. I didn’t know God had already spoken to her. Now we’re working daily, literally, on creating a real coworking community here in Houston. Sometimes to get where you see yourself, you have to have a partner. Life isn’t meant to go at it alone. Neither is business.

I had been getting messages about people not happy with groups or organizations they are in. I was petty and enjoyed hearing that a certain group wasn’t doing as well as they portrayed to me they were doing. Their members were and have been secretly texting, messaging and emailing me with their displeasure. I’m not going to lie. I felt good. Then God humbled me and I realized I didn’t need to gloat. There are people who joined that group for a reason and they’re not getting what they are paying for. And being happy something is not working out isn’t who I want to be. So I have been taking what people have shared with me and using that to create a curated community.  People will share their painpoints with you if they know you are a solution-oriented person. Use what they are sharing as a way to see a problem you can solve. Then solve it. 

Being able to stop, collaborate and listen has given me clarity and confirmation on what I’m meant to be doing at this moment. Everything I’ve created in the past (whether it succeeded or failed), learned, experienced and skills I developed has prepared me to create something I’m well-equipped to thrive in. And the ease of flow of getting things done is amazing. I’m not forcing a thing. When you add prayer to your business strategy then stop forcing things to happen, you are led to the collaboration you need based on what you listened to about what’s missing. I encourage you to actually rest if you feel frustrated or chaos surrounding you right now. You have time to rest and really make the RIGHT moves, changes, shifts, etc so you can end 2018 feeling good and blast right into 2019 with energy to get things done.

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