S8E5 eSports: The Emerging Digital Frontier

Podcast Welcome:  A Toast to Truths is where I share the mental, financial and emotional frustrations of being an entrepreneur. This is S8E5 “eSports: The Emerging Digital Frontier”.

Q:  Why should I consider a new market?

Part I:  

How I got introduced to eSports

My experience with the gaming world

Brief history of gaming

Where I got my eSports info

College paying kids to go to school and play games

The Texas College that is giving scholarships for eSports

eSports stats

My FAV sports teams

How it got to Texas Wesleyan University

The negative effects of playing eSports

What does the team need?

Random eSport facts


NASCAR and eSports???

eSports Money stats

What being on an eSports team teach your college kid

But first, let’s take a sip.

Take a sip:  So I’m very particular about what I recommend and use. As a loyal user over the past 5 years, I chose to use Gumroad as my ecommerce platform. It’s great for digital creators like you and me. I have watched it transform to be more user-friendly which helps when we just want to upload our work and begin selling in less than 5 minutes. I’ve also used it for memberships, ticket sales, consultations and digital training videos to name a few ways to use the platform. So far, they’ve put $175m in the pockets of creators around the world only taking a 5% cut. Not bad. Wouldn’t you like to join an ecommerce platform that brings in that type of money for its users? Go to gumroad.com/invites to sign up today.

Part II:

Burnout in eSports

Types of companies that can benefit from working with eSports athletes or leagues

Ways you can get paid if you’re not an eSports athlete

Final Toast:  Consider looking into this new digital emerging market. Don’t close off from it because it’s not something you know specifically. Pitch your strengths. Don’t discount the opportunity. Let your strengths, resume, track record and resume speak for itself.

This has been ‘A Toast to Truths’ with me, Vernetta R. Freeney. This is season 8 episode 5 “eSports: The Emerging Digital Frontier”.

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