S8E4 How to Use Entrepreneurship as Your Way Out

Podcast Welcome:  A Toast to Truths is where I share the mental, financial and emotional frustrations of being an entrepreneur. This is S8E4 “How to Use Entrepreneurship as Your Way Out”.

Special Guest Co-host- Chimere Norris


Chimere Taylor is the Creative Director & Principal Designer of Designs by Chimere hailing over 13 years of design and project management experience. She leads a small creative development team that excels in the areas of digital design, document creation, social media management and photography.




Q:  What is so significant about entrepreneurship for women?

Part I:  

Is job security really secure?

Reasons entrepreneurship may work for you

What losing your job can push you to do

Starting as a freelancer

Expenses that makes you look at entrepreneurship differently

Asking for a raise at a job

How and why we left a job

Using skills from a job in your business

Mindset roadblocks

Managing employees/team members

What not to do to your money-maker when starting something new

Bringing your community through your entrepreneurial journey

What changing your mindset and being in a mastermind can do

The responsibility of being a leader

Giving team members the power of making decisions

Lessons learned from leading a team and things didn’t go right

But first, let’s take a sip.

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Part II:

Going from freelancer to Boss

Carving space in the entrepreneurial world in Houston

How existing clients helped Chimere grow her business

Seeing what really is an opportunity for you or what to pass to others

Using skills from other situations to transfer to new opportunities to help you expand

What opportunity I won’t take again

What type of work ethic do you need to have to run a business?

How your personal life affects your business life

Learning to use ‘NO’

Final Toast:  

Chimere- Give it your all if you’re sitting on your gifts. Don’t worry about theys or thems. Hone into your own goals and your why. Be committed to doing it.

Vernetta- Look at how you’re looking at things. Try to see things from a different perspective.

This has been ‘A Toast to Truths’ with me, Vernetta R. Freeney. This is season 8 episode 4 “How to Use Entrepreneurship as Your Way Out” and the consequences we’ve encountered.

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