S8E3 “Where Are all the African American Marketers?”

Podcast Welcome:  A Toast to Truths is where I share the mental, financial and emotional frustrations of being an entrepreneur. This is S8E3 “Where Are all the African American Marketers?”

Special Guest Co-host- Michelle Ngome

Michelle Ngome is a two-time author of Success Undefined and Network, Navigate & Nurture as well as the host of the Networking With Michelle Show. Currently, Michelle serves as the founder and President of the African-American Marketing Association. Michelle’s imprint includes Inc., American Express, Moneyish, eWomen Network, Mashable Houston, People Fund, WomeneurCon and a lot more.

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Website: http://michellengome.com

Q:  How can someone market to a community they have no cultural ties to?

Part I:  

Becoming a part of the community

Examples of bad marketing to the African American community

Marketing is divided into a few categories

Different marketing techniques

Time vs. Money

Jai Stone helped give me clarity

Dealing with corporations

How Michelle receives her leads

Difference between leads and clients

Percentage lead to client

Protecting yourself during low economic times

An old school marketing technique that still works

Networking vs. Relationship Nurturing

Know your potential customer before marketing to them

Relationship Marketing

But first, let’s take a sip.

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Part II:

Marketing is not just social media

What you’re not learning in college

Figure out how to get people’s attention

African American Marketing Association

Adweek List

Every industry needs a marketer

Know your analytics

Digital audit

Multicultural marketing

When a marketing campaign goes terribly wrong

Why are people ignoring the black talent but going after the black dollar?

The dynamics of picking the customer base for you

TSP Live is an example of choosing the right customer base for you

Pivoting with your customer base

All skinfolk don’t speak the same language

Know where your network and customer base is

Getting bored with your business

Final Toast:  

Michelle- Understand growing is part of the process. Learn to market and apply marketing to the right audience.

Vernetta- Know how to market to the community you want to reach. And be okay leaving a community you’re not aligned with.

This has been ‘A Toast to Truths’ with me, Vernetta R. Freeney. This is season 8 episode 3 “Where Are all the African American Marketers?” and the consequences we’ve encountered.

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