S6E6 Be a Student of Your Industry


Podcast Welcome:  A Toast to Truths is where I share the mental, financial and emotional frustrations of being an entrepreneur. This is Season 6 Episode 6 “Be a Student of Your Industry”.

Q:  Can you be an expert without knowing the basics?

Part I

Revealing fake experts

What should an expert be able to do

My very first blogging experience

From hobby to paid blogger

The blogging industry

Happy Black Woman’s 31 Days to Reset Your Life Challenge

Making my first dollar as a blogger

Ways I learn as a student of the blogging industry

Why I focus on studying on learning the business of blogging

Practice your craft

The forming of Houston African American Bloggers Association

Why free Facebook blog groups don’t provide what you need

The voids HAAB fills

Launching a radio show, “You Think It, We Say It” on Synergy Radio Network

Being a student of radio

What makes you an expert?

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Part II

I’m a novice student of radio

Understand the financial structure of radio

Being a student of journaling

How professional development in public school teaching helped me as an entrepreneur

Difference between foundational and extension journaling products and services

Detox the B.S. Summit 2017

Being okay with people who copy you

Basic things you should know if you teach journaling

Be a student when you are going into unchartered territory

Learning to do sales better

Why aren’t people students of customer service?

Being both the student and the teacher

What makes me a journaling expert

What makes me an expert building a blog association

Need to know the terms and what’s going on in your industry

Final Toast:

If you want to be an expert, then you need to be able to answer the basic questions related to your business and your industry. You need to know the terms that are related to your business and industry. Never stop being a student.

This has been A toast to truths with me, Vernetta R Freeney. This is season 6 episode 6 ‘Be a student of your industry and the consequences I’ve encountered.

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