S6E5 Finding Your Footing

Podcast Welcome:  A Toast to Truths is where I share the mental, financial and emotional frustrations of being an entrepreneur. This is Season 6 Episode 5 “Finding Your Footing”

Q:  How long should it take to figure out your business model?

Part I

Inner battle with giving audience what they want

Finding a customer base for your business model

Business models aren’t a one size fits all

2 types of business models

Coaches/Consultants vs. Facebook/Instagram

Creating the structure in your business model to go from A – Z

Does changing your business name hurt or help your business model?

Adapting to the business model vs. quick cash

Lessons from The Profit

More about the Detox the B.S. system

Facing reality with current and former business models

The differences between business model 1 and business model 2

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Part II

Must deliver despite your business model

Which model works for the Houston African American Bloggers Association

Figure out your business model as quickly as possible

Things to consider

How teaching helped me decide which business model works best for me

Explanation of the 2 business models

Why I’m not mass producing my business

My ideal client

Must be able to keep up your business model

Dip in the pool where your customer base is

Final Toast:  Know what you’re giving to people and how they’re willing to take it. How are you willing to give it to them? What works for your capacity. You’ll attract paying customers once you decide which business model you can give quality over an extended period of time.

This has been A toast to truths with me, Vernetta R Freeney talking Finding your footing and the consequences I’ve encountered.,

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