S5E4 Self-care Will NOT Save You

Podcast Welcome:  A Toast to Truths is where I share the mental, financial and emotional frustrations of being an entrepreneur. This is S5E4 Self-Care Will NOT Save You.

Q:  Before we dive into this episode let me ask you this; if you’re so concerned about your mental health, why do you only indulge in spa days?

Part I

What is self-care

Why is it trendy

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Part II

How does self-care benefit your business

Is it necessary?

Why you need more than a spa day


Final Toast:  It’s a daily activity that’s not for public consumption. It is used to help you prevent burnout status.

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2 thoughts on “S5E4 Self-care Will NOT Save You

  1. Great podcast!! Thankbyou for the reminder that self-care/self-preservation happens daily. It’s not just something that is done once-in-a-while. It needs to be a havit that is maintained if WE are to be maintained.

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