S4E3 End of the Road

Podcast Welcome:  A Toast to Truths is where I share the mental, financial and emotional frustrations of being an entrepreneur. This is S4E3 End of the Road.

Q:  Before we dive into today’s episode let me ask you this, when it’s time to end something such as a business do you know how?

Part I:  Today’s topic was a long drawn out experience but I kept it going until 2016. I’m in the process of currently dissolving the business as we speak. It will be closed this year. Calling the state to dissolve a business was a few phone calls and several different agencies. I needed to know how to let my LLC dissolve, let the IRS know, remove the company from HUB vendor list. It all came to everyone wanting their money even on my way out the door. Before any of the preceding could take place, I had to pay my taxes.  Uncle Sam always gets paid unless you’re Trump and think you deserve the loophole protection. Back to us. The small businesses that fuel and finances America. While we spent the previous 2 episodes of season 4 focused the mental (transitions) and emotional (changes) today we’re talking finances. Money ya’ll.

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Part II:

What led me to closing WAGC?

Why I felt going back to the classroom was a good idea?

How I got out of debt?

What do the decisions I’ve made mean to my future?

Final Toast:  The spring out of stress tip is to know that walking away is an empowering method to push you in the direction you are meant to go. Knowing that dragging something along your journey after it no longer serves its purpose is brining you down. Cut it off and walk away. Opportunity presents itself when you are free from dead weight.

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