S2E9 Pivot, Pass, Pause

Episode 9 kicked off asking, “How often should you pivot in business?”

s2e9 question

This was another solo podcast episode where I dive into uncomfortable territory while using basketball references to explain.

Pivot- unexpected turns. Mine were this podcast and my journal.

We don’t take into account the financial and emotional costs that are associated with making a pivot in business.

Plans don’t always go the way we want them to.

Pass- opportunities.

Why is this opportunity for me?

We have to take into consideration our time as well as money we have to invest in these opportunities.

You don’t have to take every opportunity that comes your way.

Yes we’re in business to make money.

Your mental health is also a factor when it comes to deciding whether to take an opportunity or not.

Suicide is high among entrepreneurs.


You must manage your time.

Pause- stopping briefly.

I unplug for a month every year from social media.

Taking a few months away from your business is a pause some entrepreneurs have to take.

Family situations are a big reason why some entrepreneurs have to take a pause.

Can’t worry what others say, think or do about what you say, do or think about your own business.

Sometimes it is a slow build coming back from a pause.

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s2e9 Vernetta R. Freeney

Final toast- Life is like a basketball game, you have to make a pivot, pass or pause to get down the court to score a bucket (ie you can’t go in a straight line to make money).