S2E8 Who You Are vs. What You Do

Episode 8 kicked off asking, “Do you even know who you are?” with my biz friend Vashti Patrick-Joseph the Accidental Entrepreneur of VeePeeJay.com and Ven & Rose.

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s2e8 question

Sharing who we are

Who you are shapes what you do

Are you the same person online & offline?

Sharing everything about you doesn’t make you authentic. What makes you authentic are your values and how you treat people.

People make a perception based on what they see but may not be prepared when they see a different side of you.

Share what you want to share.

Clapback season is overrated

What is the 1st thing you want people to see about you online?

Choose how you respond to people who disagree with you.

My 1st Instagram disagreement.

In a disagreement, focus on the situation and don’t attack someone’s ‘who’.

How people perceive your ‘who’ can affect your ‘what’

Don’t let your ‘what’ define your ‘who’ (legacy). Rather expect people to like you for who you are and what you do.

The hard times shows you who you are.

Final toast- Your ‘what’ should not define your ‘who’.

Tough situations show who we are and that we can preserve. Don’t let your ‘what’ change your ‘who’.

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About Vashti Patrick-Joseph:

s2e8 Vashti Patrick-Joseph


“Vashti Patrick-Joseph is the creator of Award Winning blog VeePeeJay.com and owner of the lifestyle Apparel brand Ven & Rose. She is also a Digital Strategist, Co-Author & Speaker.”

http://veepeejay.com/ http://venandrose.com/

Vernetta is the owner of The Truth Confidant. She is an outspoken Introvert, Blogger, Podcaster, Speaker, TV Host/Producer, ESL Instructor & Organizer for Houston African American Bloggers Association. MavsNation, Netflix Connoisseur. She's been featured on EOFire podcast, Madame Noire, CNBC.com as well as various websites, podcasts and blogs.