S2E7 Launch Success and Flops

s2e7 question

Promoting a virtual vs. live event.

When weather makes your launch a flop.

Digital vs. physical product launch

Don’t always have to get paid for your purpose.

Don’t have to chase purpose when you know who you are.

Make money from your talents and skills to fund your purpose.

Launch success variables

How to handle when someone you know launches something similar

Haters don’t exist.

Don’t shrink your launch.

Emotionally molesting your success

Taking your eyes off your strategy will lead to flops.

Story of HAAB and the bootcamp

31 Days to Reset Your Life Challenge

How much money to launch

Do you need a business loan?

Not every business can launch for under $100.

Other ways to fund your business:

Have a breakdown of numbers for expenses and revenue

Learn to negotiate

Final Toast- Don’t be salty when someone launches a business similar to yours.

Don’t chase after anything that doesn’t make you happy. Dig deep to find who you are.

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About Ashanti Atkins:

s2e7 Ashanti Atkins


I am Veteran who served in the U.S. Army for 5 years. I’ve always wanted my own business but I’ve always let other peoples opinions get in the way of starting it, but not this time. When the opportunity was presented to me again about having my own business, I took it and ran with it.


Vernetta is the owner of The Truth Confidant. She is an outspoken Introvert, Blogger, Podcaster, Speaker, TV Host/Producer, ESL Instructor & Organizer for Houston African American Bloggers Association. MavsNation, Netflix Connoisseur. She's been featured on EOFire podcast, Madame Noire, CNBC.com as well as various websites, podcasts and blogs.