S2E5 When People Steal Your Ideas

Episode 5 kicked off asking, “Have you ever dealt with someone stealing your ideas?” with my good biz friend JoAnn Ajayi-Scott, the Iconic Entrepreneur, founder of Essence of a Lady.

How I dealt with 1 organization who thought it was okay we share a business name because we were in different states.

s2e5 question

The importance of trademarking your business name.

People don’t respect what’s already taken. Values aren’t the same.

Check out uspto.gov to learn more about trademark search. Also sign up for Google alert to know what’s being said about your business. It’s extremely helpful to have the information before it’s too late.

File your trademark before you change your logo so there’s no mistake in that’s your name.

A breakdown of how far $600 can go in your business:

  • Purchase supplies
  • Business expenses
  • Software
  • Operating costs

A trademark is worth every penny. You can make more money from having it than not having it when it comes to licensing, branding deals, etc.

The difference between an investment and an expense.

Being yourself isn’t hard but the journey to get there is hard.

™ vs ®

Problem dealing with headache of someone taking your idea and you fighting for it.

How I accidentally got accused of stealing photos.

Have contracts in place when working with outside vendors.

Final toast- Trademark ASAP. Own your own business name.

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