S2E3 Your Valley’s Make You Valued

Episode 3 kicked off asking, “What was the turning point in your life?” with my biz friend June Marie Smith and first international guest, the founder of Tajj Cosmetics.

Shared our valleys and how they became valuable plus the lessons we’ve learned from them.

s2e3 question

Outgrowing family and friends when we’ve moved to entrepreneurship and they don’t understand.

How long did you stay in the startup phase?

You can’t just be satisfied with your success.

How do you prepare for a scope?

Beauty is not just about the makeup you put on.

What does your makeup say about you? {Allyson Byrd is a great example}

One valley a lot of people deal with is dealing or caring about other people’s expectations.

When you know your value you won’t stay in your valley very long.


Do you know when you’re in a valley? People may not value your business when you’re in a valley. That happens when you allow your valley to devalue your business.

How not to run an event.

Are you bold wearing makeup and bold making decisions in your business?

You can either use your valley to either bring value or lose value based on decisions you make.

Handling flubs to get better in business.

What is your customer service like?

Final toast- Have a contingency plan. Strive for topnotch customer service.

The key to your business is customer service. Treat your customers how you want to be treated.

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About June Marie:

s2e3 June Marie SmithBorn and raised in Kingston, Jamaica; June Smith, CEO and Founder of TAJJ Cosmetics, watched her grandfather, father and brother operate their businesses. It is no surprise that she followed the same entrepreneurial path. As a young lady, she was constantly consulted for beauty tips and ideas. She always enjoyed enhancing the looks of others around her.

June Smith enjoys being a mother to her three young men, adores all things bright, yellow and beautiful and loves seafood.


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