S2E11 Public Success, Private Failures

Episode 11 kicked off asking, “Do you sometimes feel like a fraud?” with my good biz friend Kim Handy, The Creative Entrepreneur of GlammGirl.

First you have to check out these candles that we talked about in this episode.

s2e11 question

Speaking at the same event as Leymah Gbowee.

When you live for other people’s expectations you always feel you have something to prove. When you live for yourself, you no longer care what other’s think.

You can’t create for non-buyers. So don’t run to create something every time someone says they are interested in buying something from you that you don’t already have. Proceed with caution.

Perception is personal.

How much people invested is often kept private. So their revenue may not be as high as they claim.

You need to know the difference between revenue, profit and income. Knowing your expenses also determines how much profit you’ll make from your revenue.

You have to take into account your finances when you want to be social as an entrepreneur. Be honest with yourself if it’s something within your budget. If you can’t afford to do something with friends just let them know.

When to help or not help others is a decision all entrepreneurs need to make. You can’t always give money/products to everyone who asks for it. Have a policy set with the number of money, products, sponsorships and/or donations you giveaway each year.

If you’re looking then ask the business early in the year so you can get on their list.

Calculate your hustle.

Work smarts means having a strategy.

The Profit is a good show to watch about understanding what it really takes to turn a profit in your business.

Final toast- Have a policy for giving back for your business.

Be authentic. Remember you weren’t always established.

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About Kim Handy:

s2e11 Kim HandyI started my entrepreneur journey as a professionally trained organic skin care formulator, creating carefully curated skin care products using the best ingredients sourced from all over the world. I’m NOT a network marketer. I’m NOT a self-taught DIYer. I’m a wife, role model, mentee, daydreamer, helper and peacemaker. Side note – I LOVE tulips and cupcakes!