S2E10 Finances Frustration

Episode 10 kicked off asking,”Are your finances not keeping up with you?” with my biz friend The Creative Marketing Diva, Jasmine Powers of J. Powers Marketing & Publicity.

A CPA helps keep your budget from getting chaotic.

s2e10 question

Know how to execute, find leads and be omnipresent.

You will experience marketing mishaps.

Have an ad carousel of variations to display online.

Business building with sustainable target market and price point they are willing to pay and can afford to keeps you in business.

Some ideas are not for profit. Know which ones are for giveback and which ones are to sell.

Target market may not be able to pay so figure out how to build passive income to sell to them. Then go after bigger clients who can financially keep your business afloat.

{By Regina post}

Why only be a 6 figure coach? Why not be a 7 or 8 figure coach?

Sometimes people need an example so they can think bigger terms.

Do you understand money?

Know your expenses.

{Audria Richmond}

Vet your coach. Doing your homework is important when working with a coach.

The truth about sales copy.

You must test your customized strategy to know if it’s working or not. If not, then you may have to go back to product development.

{Blue Ocean Strategy book}

Don’t be quick to hire a coach. Some treat it as a quick get rich scheme.

Study tech startups to really learn HOW to build a business. {Grid IO}

Feedback is beneficial. Try focus groups as well.

Trust the process to see your vision.

Sometimes leading your business with the wrong product/service will sink you.

Entrepreneurship is about taking risk. You especially take risks when selling a physical product.

You can uses places like Indigogo on demand to setup pre-orders.

You also need to have a contingency plan in case you ever get sick. That way you don’t lose sales.

Final toast- Take charge of your own decisions when it comes to making money.

Thank like an agency. Treat and run your business as a real business.

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About Jasmine Powers:

s2e10 Jasmine Powers


Founder + CMO at event marketing agency, J Powers Marketing & Publicity • Startup enthusiast + blogger at http://AmbitiousDiva.com

Website: jpowersagency.com

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