S1E7 Why Facing Defeat Is A Better Option, Sometimes

This week’s special guest co-host is Dana Sidberry Boss Chick of Motivation Marketing Firm http://www.motivationmarketingfirm.com/.

She is the Owner/Boss Chick at www.MotivationMarketingFirm.com, a boutique Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations Firm that works with Small Businesses and more. Sidberry loves working with people and prides herself on motivating others around her and adding “flames” to her client’s “business fires”! Warm-spirited, easy going, Sidberry has been noted as being a “marketing guru” and someone that can easily find that needle under three haystacks!

Special Guest Co-host Dana Sidberry

The last episode of Season 1 deals with whether walking away or making a pivot in your business is the best thing to do in order to move forward. My guest and I share a huge life event that happened while we both traveled this entrepreneurial journey. We also discuss dealing with clients who think they know more than you especially when its your specialty.

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