S1E2 Homelessness and Entrepreneurship

Can an entrepreneur really be homeless and still run a business?

You probably know homeless entrepreneurs but they just haven’t told you yet.

This week’s special guest co-host is Lynette Davis, Mental Wellness Blogger http://lynettedavis.com/because-love-is/.

She empowers women to Activate their Inner-Superheroine in Life & Business through Virtual Marketing Assistance and Mental Health Advocacy.

Special Guest Co-host Lynette Davis

Today’s episode discuses what it’s like to run a business but not have a place to live. We discuss the mental and emotional toll that takes on you as well as the effects it can have both in your personal and professional life. We also talk about the importance of knowing how to sell to the right audience so you’re not wasting time, money or resources.

There is also a tip if you’re in a situation where you could be losing your home how to walk away without paying the balance of the mortgage.

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