Relationship Journaling

Love and Partner Journaling

Sticking with this month’s theme about journaling to increase your productivity. This is part IV in a 5-part series leading up to Detox The B.S. Summit.

Last week we talked about journaling for spiritual connection. This week we’re going to talk about relationship journaling.

Now this isn’t always the type dealing with you in a romantic partnership. Relationship journaling deals with how you treat, love and honor yourself as well as how you engage with others, how you allow them to treat you and if you and the other person honor the relationship that was built.

In business, relationships are key. They are more than key; they are the lifeblood. The oxygen to staying in business. You can love the people you do business with or in business with without it being romantic. And your partner doesn’t always mean the person you are married to or in a committed relationship to.

So let’s explore this week’s journaling types.

Relationship JournalingLove journaling is when you write all the things you love about yourself (or someone else). This journal entry helps you to focus on the positive aspects as well as seeing the qualities that you were drawn to. It allows you to dive deep into memories you may have forgotten. This type of journaling isn’t always romantic. You can write about people you are friends with, do business with or whatever. I would also highly suggest to do this any time you are upset at your significant other. Just helps you to remember why you love that person.

Now back to why love journaling is important in your business. If you are dealing with someone and they only bring negativity to you and you can’t find anything remotely positive to love about them, then cut the bond. Yes, right then and there. Have a conversation with that person and walk away. Love journaling helps you see who is worthy to stay in your life and who needs to be removed. Keeping negative people around is not a form of self-love. If you want to remain in business you must love the person you will work with most. Yourself.

The other type of journaling we’ll learn more about is partner journaling. Couples can do this to strengthen their bond. But in business you can also do this when you have a business partner, collaborative partner or business bestie. But you both have to take part in this journaling together. How does it work?

You both write how you feel about the other person, the likes/dislikes as well as the good, bad and ugly as far as behavior, actions and things the other person says/does. Afterwards, you give the journal entry to the other person to read. The reason you have to do this together is to help you communicate better. Also you will learn how the other person not only sees you but how they interpret what you do and what you say to them.

Just like the last 2 weeks, this can be an emotional experience. But doing this helps you know what you will and will not accept in your life. And that’s the most important thing when you are running a business. You can also do the 30-day challenge which was discussed last week as another way to do love or partner journaling.

Remember to set your timer for 20 minutes this week.