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Sometimes in order to progress in business you have to take a step back and breathe.

“If you’re good at something and you love it, you’ll find a way to make money at it if you persevere.”

It’s amazing how on the first few pages of the book that jumped out at me. Just the day before I was on the phone with my business twin and we were saying that to one another. We were saying that we should and can make money from what we enjoy doing. We just have to figure out HOW to do it. So reading that in “Put on Your Crown” told me this book is a must read for me.

“God gives you some skills, and it’s your responsibility to use them. It’s a gift, and you don’t turn down gifts and you don’t not appreciate them. That’s part of who you are. It’s the reason we’re all here.”

Running a business can be frustrating and tiring especially if you feel you don’t know what you’re doing. I’ve been there. At times it still feels that way when I learn a business lesson the hard way. But, I have learned that throwing money at something with no plan or solid connection to my purpose is always a loss.

“Getting your own business off the ground can be like throwing money into a vast pit. It never ends.”

I was sitting in the college classroom I teach in the day after the big flood in Houston. As I sat there calling to check on the students and pretty much just sit there a feeling came over me. In that moment I realized that I had gotten away from the one thing I truly enjoy doing. That’s reading. Not in the sense of reading to keep up with trends, strategy, blogging, social media or running a business. But to read just to read. Something for myself to relax especially my mind from the daily hassle of all that I do.

“Take the time to check in with yourself, regularly. Don’t lose yourself. Love yourself.”

That day I went to the closest branch of the Houston Public Library and looked for every biography that branch had that might interest me. I left with 5 books. “Put on Your Crown” by Queen Latifah was the first of the five books I read. I finished it over 3 days. It was just what I needed to bring me back to the love of reading I was missing. The one thing that stuck with me in this book was chapter 7, “strength.” I think since I’ve been struggling with finding my inner strength that the words Queen Latifah shared resonated strongly with me.

“You give away all the pieces of yourself until there’s nothing left. That’s why, at some point, you need to draw boundaries for yourself and make sure those lines don’t get crossed.”

There were so many amazing aha moments from this book that I can’t share them all with you. However, I will share the parts that just overall will help not only myself but you as well get through a transitional period in your life. I like the life-stopping moments Queen Latifah shares. She doesn’t call them life-changing. When you really think about it there are some moments in life that just stop you and make you think. Those are the moments that propel you to higher dimensions in your life only if you are aware of them. After finishing “Put on Your Crown” I literally had to take a nap. It was just one of those books that had my mind racing with thinking of my own life-stopping moments. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t continuing on a path that left me with no time for myself yet still able to live life to the fullest and giving back to the people I choose to give back to.

“Have you ever noticed that if you read ‘live’ backwards it spells ‘evil’? Because to not live, to do the opposite and waste this life God gave us, would be evil.”

“Put on Your Crown” is one of those books that just spoke to me and my current situation. It helped me realize I am missing out on life’s moments always thinking of what should/could happen instead of experiencing what is actually happening.

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