Peace Hunters

So, I binge-watched this new show on Netflix called, Mindhunters. I wanted to see what it was about. I was a huge fan of the TV show, Criminal Minds. And this show focused on the formation of the Behavior Analysis Unit within the FBI. Plus, the name itself is just intriguing to me. I love reading or watching things on how the mind works. That’s something even with all these technological advances we have we’re still unable to master the brain.

As I watched the show they mentioned the word stressor. It was defined as a dramatic life event. They were using stressors as a way to characterized the serial killers they were studying. But I use stressor as a way to teach stressed individuals how to use journaling to find peace.

If the behavior scientists studied serial killers to understand them so they can stop more people like them. Why can’t I study human emotion as it relates to stressful situations? And find ways to help more people prevent emotions from causing harm when dealing with a stressful situation?

Oh wait, I do that now.

During the show they called the men hunters because of how they prey on their victims. Mostly women. I felt like a hunter trying to find ways to alleviate the stress I felt for so many years. To help me release the pint up anger, frustration, disappointment, hurt and pain. I hunted for years looking for the right solution to my problem.

What I was searching for was peace. But I had no idea what that looked like. In the show, the men knew exactly who their victim was. Well in a sense. It usually was something they hated about their mother. Poor moms get the blame for everything. Anyway, they defined what their prey was.

So, I defined what peace looked like to me. Once I defined it, it made it so much easier to hunt it. And when I found it, I was able to capture it.

I want you to become peace hunters. That means you have to be so focused on your prey (peace) that you won’t stop until you find it. But to catch your prey (peace) you have to know what that looks like. So define it. If you need help, I’ll be more than happy to guide you to your own definition. After you define your prey (peace) then you hunt it relentlessly. That focus, drive and determination will help you catch it faster.

And once your prey (peace) is captured, you do everything in your power to not let it escape (boundaries).

This is how we become peace hunters.

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