Paving the Road to Entrepreneurship

Have you wondered how you can leave your job, start your own business and not go broke? Well I haven’t personally experienced this but I know many of you who have.

Part of Powerhouses United Webinar Week is to give you some tools & strategies to use before the Powerhouses United Conference Nov. 14. This hangout gives you several ‘aha’ moments to help you plan your escape from your 9-5. If you take away anything, remember you have to:

  • change your mindset
  • guard your time and
  • get a mentor

I’ve watched over the last few years as Aneechia was on her journey paving the road to entrepreneurship. I’ve seen how she has created her plan to leave her job, do it and walk straight into her business without losing money. It can be done.

Here’s what you Aneechia will share on Nov. 14.

Aneechia synposis