Pass The Peace Like We Used To Do

If you’re a Martin ( and I mean the TV show) fan then you sang that title like when Mama Payne, her friend and Pam sang this song, lol.

Okay let’s get back on topic.

As we get ready to enter the holiday season, peace is what people want but often don’t obtain. We do everything that goes against what that means. In reality, we haven’t defined what peace looks like so we continue to seek it.

Over the course of this year, I’ve hosted many journaling series, have 2 journals for you, hosted the Detox the B.S. Summit and shared via this blog, my podcast and social media about peace.

But that isn’t enough.

I have to pass the peace like we used to do.

What does that mean?

It means I have to…

  • help you put into words what peace looks like for you.
  • Be the support person on your journey.
  • Be the guide to help you navigate the tricky path.

Saying we used to do implies it’s something we know how to do but may have forgotten. As a people we used to know what peace felt like hundreds of years ago. But stress has been passed down generation to generation.

As a journaling expert, I have reached far back in time to understand true internal peace. And like any guide, I’m coming back to help you.

It’s time to pass the peace like we used to do. And that means going from stressful situation to peaceful solution by removing the stressors of life one by one with me as your guide.