Outside The House Documentary Review

I try to keep track of depression, stress and other mental illness articles, updates and stats as much as possible. Especially in the black community. So it was interesting to see this documentary pop up on my Facebook timeline.


There is very little information in regards to stats, information, etc when it comes to helping African Americans manage mental illness. But my focus is on depression and stress. Both which seem to be a nonexistent factor in the realm of research done by licensed professionals. Yet, one of the main reasons many black women suddenly die without warning.

I watched Outside The House: A Mental Health Documentary and was so happy that it was created. It lets you inside the mind of people who battle from their perspective. What I like most is the transparency and honesty you won’t get from other mental health documentaries. Well, most don’t include many stories from African Americans.

As I watched they showed a photo of my Twitter friend Karyn Washington who made the decision to end her life. I don’t think I’ve fully gotten over the fact someone I tweeted with daily is no longer here. Her death caught so many people by surprise. On the outside she looked happy. Like she had it together. But on the inside she was fighting an emotion that eventually overcame her.

In the black community we keep our secrets tight-lipped. Nothing is said outside the house. That’s how mental illness is sometimes passed through generations. And sexual abuse. But that’s another post.

I implore you to watch this documentary and then listen to those who are crying out for help. Judgement and advice is not wanted. A listening ear and support is more important in today’s climate.

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Why do I feel you should take the time to watch this documentary?

More of us suffer in silence than necessary. Many, including yourself, have no idea where to go for help. We don’t reach out to therapists because the church says to pray it away. Or we’re ashamed we’re not “strong” enough to get through the sad times. The mental health of not just ourselves but our community relies on us understanding, accepting and improving the support we offer to those who suffer from a mental illness. No matter how small you may think it is in regards to your own life.

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