Our Black Year Book Review

So I ran into the library a couple of weeks ago minutes before it closed hoping to find a good read. I did. In fact, it wasn’t even registered in the library system despite having a bar code. So not sure if it was divine intervention that “Our Black Year” was shown to me or not but it was definitely eye opening.

So much so that if you are an entrepreneur you must read this book. It lets you in to the psychology of how black Americans have been conditioned when it comes to their shopping and buying habits.

Here’s what I gleaned from this book:

our black year

  • It doesn’t matter if people have the same skin color as you. You can’t force them to support your business.
  • You need to understand that certain types of businesses do better in predominately black communities based on how we’ve been conditioned to spend our money.
  • You can’t depend solely on other black people to support your business.
  • You can shift some of your household budget towards black owned businesses and still get quality products or services.
  • Making a conscious effort to spend at least 10% of your household budget at a black owned business will elevate a neighborhood which in turn will support programs, organizations and jobs to keep people on a more productive path in life.
  • If you are a black business owner look into vendor programs with corporations. This may help bring in a steady flow of income for your business.
  • Tulsa, OK wasn’t the only city that had a thriving black business community. There were others and there can be others if we support the initiative.

I highly suggest every entrepreneur reads this book. It will put a lot of things into perspective if you ever felt that “others” aren’t supporting your business.

I heard about the Andersons when they were on a special on PBS. That was awhile ago. So when I finally had the opportunity to read the book I was blown away. Their journey and story just moved me. It was like an adventure I was waiting to see how it ended. It was hard to put it down.

As an avid reader, Our Black Year has made my top 10 of books I will reread again.

Here’s to hoping I didn’t miss the Houston stop on The Empowerment Tour. I do want to attend that.