Make This Last Quarter Your Best Quarter

With the New Year quickly approaching you’re going to be bombarded with vision board parties. While nothing is wrong with that, I however, feel that most of them lack something. What is that? ACTION. Markita is going to walk us through a vision exercise so we can gain clarity before we move onto the other sessions.

Before you head to the Powerhouses United Conference Nov. 14 you need to know what tools you can use to actually put productivity into action. Your vision can’t be your reality if you aren’t using the right tools that will help you save time on some things so you can focus on bigger projects.

Markita said we’re living in a season of distraction, of comparison. She is so right. We’re constantly being bombarded with images and “lifestyles” and “income reports” on social media that it may seem as if our vision won’t come to pass. Focus on your vision and the tools that will help your vision come to life.

That is how you make your last quarter your best quarter.

When you feel the need to not attend an event or buy something because you know the person, remember this

Your agenda is not my agenda.

You either say that to yourself or to the person. Doesn’t matter. Just live by those words.

Get the tools you need to be productive in Markita’s webinar…

And get ready to make your vision clear and a reality on Nov. 14.

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