Luzia: The Magic of Storytelling

***This is a sponsored post. I am working with Live Nation and Cirque du Soleil promoting Luzia. The thoughts are my own. You can read my disclaimer by clicking this link.

Well I finally saw the show for myself. It was an amazingly, beautiful visual story. And it was created by a woman. You can tell. The details throughout the entire show were so subtle yet vivid.

Luzia is the combination of light and rain. And the interweaving of them both throughout the show was incredible. I was wondering how they would get the water off the floor without the show stopping. And it was masterfully written into the show. The only break was intermission.

Since this was my first time ever attending a Cirque show I wasn’t sure what to expect. I came in with excitement as my giveaway winners came back and shared how wonderful the experience was when they attended.

The show opens (before I go any further, I won’t give too much away. I want you to experience it yourself. Here’s 15% off so you can see the wonders of Mexico yourself.) with a man coming from the ‘sky’. I guess he jumped out of a plane.

Throughout the show he goes from one magical experience to another. There were funny moments, shocking moments, soft moments. It took you through an emotional journey but you didn’t want it to end.

My FAV scene was the forest. I can’t describe how beautiful that scene was. The way the man and woman were spinning and the music that played was just a calming force. I was captivated. Now I was captivated through the entire show but this one scene took my breath away.

The artistry combined with athletic skills was carefully curated in a way that anyone would be mesmerized. Now I know where former gymnast go. The singers had such rich and strong voices that weren’t overpowering. But held you in as you watched the show continue.

The way they incorporated interaction with the audience added an element of fun into the show. I liked it because it didn’t have us just watching but broke up the monotony of sitting in silence. We laughed and cheered as well as a few boos when one side got the beach ball and the other didn’t. It allowed the audience to feel not as spectators but part of the show. That’s something people will always remember.

If I can leave you with one thing, it’s to experience something out of your normal. Yes, all the songs and speaking are in Spanish. Luckily, I understood the speaking. But the songs, I need to work on my Spanish more. Take yourself to Mexico and enjoy the lights and rain through song, dance, acrobatic artistry and adventure. Remember, I’m giving you 15% off if you click this link.

The show is in Houston until February 24, 2019. This is an experience you want to enjoy. It’s a great show for all ages. It’s a perfect date night escape as well. Something out of the ordinary that you two can talk about on the way home. Or take your kids and let them share their excitement of what they saw over the next couple of days. Whoever you take, it’ll definitely be something you bring up in conversation because it’s something you will want to share with others.

And the gymnastic acts throughout will leave your heart pounding. I was so scared but no one got hurt and it hyped the crowd even more when they didn’t make it the first time. We wanted them to win so we poured our good vibes back to the stage. But I definitely was nervous for them. Especially the guy who was so high above the stage and he literally raised himself on his arms on thin sticks. Whew…I was holding my breath.

This year is my selfish sabbatical and I’m on a mission to discover what brings me joy. Luzia did just that. I have to see it again before they leave town.

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