Jumpstart June with these 3 Tips

For those who have been on my entrepreneurial journey for the last 5.5 years, you’ve seen the evolution. I truly appreciate your support, encouragement and participation.

I honestly say failing with my first “startup” taught me a lot. It taught me what was truly missing from my life. After a few years of deep self-reflection and personal development, I realized that my failure what to help those who are on their own entrepreneurial journey.

This is what I learned that will jumpstart your June:

  • Remove everything you’re doing in your life that isn’t aligned with where you want your business to go. This includes but not limited to coaches who haven’t led you in the right direction, products, services, friends, family, attending events, belonging to organizations, etc.
  • Evaluate how you are “investing” in your business. Check and see if those expenses are truly bringing you a ROI or just making you look good for your social media following.
  • Begin a daily practice of journaling for at least 5 minutes to help clear your mind and bring you a sense of peace.

These 3 tips will help you jumpstart June because the less you have holding you down, the further and faster you can grow both personally and in your business.

Every Sunday until August 27 in my Facebook group at 6p CST I’m hosting a summer journaling series. The 2 tips I shared I go into further detail in each week’s video. See you in there!

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