Journaling Through Emotions

Dissatisfaction and Admire Journaling

Sticking with this month’s theme about journaling to increase your productivity. This is part II in a 5-part series leading up to Detox The B.S. Summit.

Last week we started with journaling for business. This week we’re going to learn how to journal through emotions.

Now I received a question on Twitter about tips to journaling. Here’s the only tip you need to know. Just write. Yes, it’s that simple. Set a timer and write.

journaling through emotionsLet’s begin with what dissatisfaction journaling is. It’s where you write all the things down you don’t like. Why? You can’t truly know what you DO like until you know what you DON’T like.

This type of journaling I use usually when there are a lot of things going wrong at the same time. Unlike a gratitude journal where you write all the things that are good when things are going wrong, this is the complete opposite. And no this isn’t being negative. But looking your truth in the face.

After you write for your allotted time. (And this week we’re moving up to 10 minutes a day. So set those timers and write.) Then you recycle, throw away or burn that page. This isn’t a page to keep but one to remove from your thoughts. You’ll feel better and ready to tackle the challenge before you. This helps you to begin to solution journal which we talked about last week.

The other type of journaling we will go over this week is admire journaling. This is where you write about someone you admire. You write why you like that person, their characteristics, their qualities, what they do you like and the impact that person has made on you.

This type of journaling is to help you see that you have mentors even if they don’t directly give you specific guidance. They do give you something to look to as you move towards you goals.

Admire journaling is also great to do when you want to compare yourself to others. This helps you reflect on a person’s good qualities so you can see yourself in those qualities and not what that person is posting online.

This type of journaling allows you to look for what you want others to see in you. So once you see it in other people, you begin to exude it yourself or attract others who exemplify those qualities you admire. This is a crucial step when it comes to building your tribe.

This week’s journaling is emotional to say the least. You are dealing with things you may have repressed or wanted to ignore. Journaling through emotions is a private way to deal with the chaos that surrounds you.

Remember to set your timer for 10 minutes this week.