Journaling for Spiritual Connection

Prayer/Thought and Scripture/Affirmation Journaling

Sticking with this month’s theme about journaling to increase your productivity. This is part III in a 5-part series leading up to Detox The B.S. Summit.

Last week we talked about Journaling through emotions. This week we’re going to talk about Journaling for spiritual connection.

There are some people who believe in God, a god or no god. That is a personal choice. However, most people believe in some type of higher being. I personally believe in God. With that being said, I want you to know that journaling for spiritual connection is an emotional experience.

Before we dive into this week’s journaling types, I want to emphasis that having a spiritual connection will have an impact on your business. So these types of journaling are vital especially when you are battling inner negative self-talk, doubts, fears, anxiety, feeling pressure from others or yourself or any negative feeling that comes in you. And I’ve been battling this myself the last week due to someone stealing my ideas and phrases yet again.

Most Christians have heard or done a prayer journal. But what if you don’t believe in God? That’s why I also state thought journaling. So let’s learn more about prayer/thought journaling.

Journaling for Spiritual ConnectionPrayer/thought journaling is where you write specifically what you are dealing with. You are asking questions more than you are seeking answers. The answers will come but they won’t come until you write the questions. This is the time for you to be completely open, honest and transparent about your current situation as well as how you feel about it. You want to release it all through writing at this point. Then ask for guidance. After that you have to sit still and listen for the response. Mind you it won’t come immediately in all cases. And you will have to go forward in life and work in the waiting period.

Another type of prayer/thought journaling that is more in-depth and can be an emotional rollercoaster but will be an eye opener is a 30-day prayer/thought journal challenge. This is where you dedicate journaling for 30 straight days for someone else. Each entry you write whatever comes to your mind about that person. You may after 30 days realize whether that person deserves to stay in your life or not. The catch is to send the journal entries (so you may want to purchase a $1 journal from Dollar Tree or a store like it) to that person. Then have a conversation after they read it. After that, it’s up to both of you on where to go from there. I have done this. It’s a great way to release your emotions about someone as well as work through them over a period of time without confronting the other person. The other person will take it how they want. But it shows them you cared enough about the relationship (which we will talk about next week) to focus on them and hope you sent positive vibes their way.

The other type we’ll discuss this week is scripture/affirmation journaling. I do this every now and then. This is where you write a scripture or affirmation down then you write everything that comes to your mind regarding it. It’s a written reflection of how you see yourself or what you do regarding that scripture or affirmation. Sometimes reflecting on those words will open your mind to thoughts you never thought of or ideas to help you solve a problem you’re dealing with.

Journaling for spiritual connection is for those who are battling something and you need to face it head on.

With all types of journaling you choose the one that fits your mind at that moment when it’s time for you to write. This week we broke down journaling for spiritual connection as a way to open your mindsets to embrace new ways of thinking, to do more, grow, innovate, etc in your business.

Remember to set your timer for 15 minutes this week.