It’s Time for Me to Tap The Future

I attended the Miller Lite Tap the Future business competition in Houston. They held 5 regional finals where 5 businesses at each stop competed for $20,000. The winner of each regional competition will move on to compete for $100,000.

Who couldn’t use that money for their business, right?

Well obviously if you are serious about funding for your business, you wouldn’t miss events like this when they come to town. Especially when it’s free to attend. Free to network. And most importantly, free to learn from people who are actually doing pretty well when it comes to financing, getting financing and running a profitable business.

Okay, so now I’m off my soapbox.

Let’s get into 5 key highlights from the event:

  • The Houston African American Bloggers Association was in attendance as media. We were able to interview Daymond John and the rest of the judges, the host and creator of the competition. Watch the interview.
  • In the interview they stated technology, disruption and social components would be the small business trends over the next 5 years. So that means innovate, people.
  • Each of the finalists were passionate about their product. But they also scarified a lot to get their product to market. They did what was necessary to build a business because they know their product is needed. Their stories of how their products came to be were very touching yet practical. If you have a product, are you passionate about it? And what are you willing to give up to get it to market?

  • They randomly selected 3 audience members to pitch for a chance to win $500. I actually met the winner Sandra A. Thomas while we were waiting to enter the event. She sells items through her e-commerce store. But that wasn’t the best or should I say funniest part. There was 1 guy who pitched against her who was just a little too excited for words. He came to the event with posters and his copy of ‘The Power of Broke’ so Daymond John could sign it. While we were all tickled by his antics, I was impressed that he came prepared. If your name is pulled, would you be prepared to pitch?
  • It motivated me to dig deep and evaluate what I’m doing with both The Truth Confidant and the Houston African American Bloggers Association. I’ve made sacrifices. Lord, knows I have. But am I putting out the best quality products I can? Needless to say, I am putting out quality but this overachiever here, ie me, can do so much better. I was inspired to listen to their never give up attitude. Why should I give up when I know what I offer is both necessary and ready for market?
I will never forget being able to have a conversation with Daymond John.

So those are just a few of the highlights I would say if you are ready to tap the future. But now to the winner.

The winner is Lithic #tapthefuture

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Dave and Lars Baugh, Co-Founders – Lithic Nutrition

Aurora, CO

Cricket-based food company

Meet the Brothers:

If you’ve been in the entrepreneurial game for a minute, you should be ready to tap the future. I know I am.