{#Sponsored} I’m AT&T Influencer for Black Enterprise Entrepreneur’s Summit 2017

I was paid/compensated by AT&T to be a digital influencer for the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur’s Summit. As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own. They are just giving me a little more access to share certain parts of the summit with you. Okay, let’s get to why I’m so excited about this event.

  1. It’s in Houston. Call me {insert your adjective} but I’m so glad I don’t have to travel but to downtown for this. So travel is just waking up early to beat traffic.
  2. I’m going to stretch my introvert muscles A LOT. They say at least 1,000 people roll through. And as an introvert, I’ve been preparing mentally to be around that many people and all that energy. Whew, I’ll sleep for about 2 days afterwards, lol.
  3. I finally get to go to the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur’s Summit. I’ve watched online for years as other people have shared while they were in attendance. I said I wanted to go but not as just an attendee. DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!! All of their speakers are EXPERTS and AUTHORITIES in their field. I love to learn. Maybe, why I’m a teacher.
  4. The connections are something entrepreneurs don’t always have access to. I do quite well at conferences because I always have a plan prior to attending. Then I execute my plan. I will have a plan before I go and know who I want to meet. And what I will share with them.
  5. Last but not least, AT&T and I will be working together. I’m so excited. Actually I am a customer so now I get to meet some people behind the brand. I want this opportunity to be the beginning of a long business relationship too. See what I just did there, lol. I made it known.

There are like a 100 more reasons but these are the main ones you need to know. If you’re going, I’ll see you there. Come say, ‘hi.’ If you haven’t heard about it or still on the fence, then check out more information.

Welcome to Houston ya’ll!!!

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