I Was on Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast

A week ago one of the best things I have wanted to happen, HAPPENED!!! I was a guest on the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast. It was exhilarating to be interviewed by none other than John Lee Dumas. I started this journey with the Truth Confidant™ January 2016. I was in the middle of recording an episode of my podcast, ‘A Toast to Truths‘ when the idea came to me. Then I began to work on defining exactly what this business was.

I could have switched the business everyone associated me with, Women Are Gamechangers but I know that wouldn’t have been wise. I have grown and evolved in the world of entrepreneurship. Running that business (which the blog itself still exists but no products/services/trainings/events anymore) was my “education” in entrepreneurship. And boy did I learn something each and every single day. You can learn more about that listening to my podcast.

Now back to a great way to jumpstart 2017. You should definitely check out my episode on the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast. It’s one of the top 10 business podcasts IN. THE. WORLD. And I was a guest.

All of my experience, knowledge and skills have lead me to being a specialist in the realm of mental detox. And from this moment forward, that is what the Truth Confidant™ will focus on. Teaching entrepreneurs and educators the importance of, how to do and why mental detox must be a part of your daily habit.

If you’re looking to learn more join my Facebook group, The Truth Confidant™ w/ Vernetta R. Freeney. Get to know me while you see how I will be able to assist you bring more peace into your life.

Vernetta is the owner of The Truth Confidant. She is an outspoken Introvert, Blogger, Podcaster, Speaker, TV Host/Producer, ESL Instructor & Organizer for Houston African American Bloggers Association. MavsNation, Netflix Connoisseur. She's been featured on EOFire podcast, Madame Noire, CNBC.com as well as various websites, podcasts and blogs.