I Am NOT The Truth Confidant

Why would I title that? Well some people assume that a business name defines who you are. They are so wrong. I talked about that in an episode of my podcast.

The Houston African American Bloggers Association is hosting a 30-Day Blog Challenge. And me being the ever so busy one decided not to do each day one by one but combine when I can. So yea, I’m starting a week late. But that’s okay. And you can start at any time too.

Okay, back to this title I wrote.

The Truth Confidant is something I created on a whim while sitting on a floor of a rented room recording my very first podcast episode January 2016. I knew at that time I needed to move on from Women Are Gamechangers. Which I finally have. It was sold officially to a business friend of mine. And I’m so excited to see what she does with it in the future.

I seem to keep getting off topic. If you notice a pattern, then that’s so me. I tend to get easily distracted but somehow get the job done. That’s a real skill, let me tell you.

So who is Truth Truth Confidant?

It’s a business. It’s not a person. It’s not my nickname. It’s not what I call myself to make myself seem like I’m some important person.

The Truth Confidant is a business that focuses on teaching stressed individuals how to use journaling as a method to gain peace in their life. From that sentence, I hope you figured out what my company does. And who I work with. When I say stress it can be anything from actual stress to loneliness, depression, anxiety, frustration, overwhelming feeling. Anything that causes tension in your life. And through journaling I show you how to release your thoughts so they are not stopping you from living. Most importantly, how to create peace especially when many of us haven’t truly experienced that feeling before.

That’s what I do and who I do it for. That comes after years of experience, working in different environments to see how stress affects your mental, emotional, physical and financial state. Plus I do have a few degrees where I took sociology and psychology because I am curious with how the mind works. And how our emotions affect our behavior.

But what I do for you isn’t who I am as a person. I have learned to separate Vernetta from the business. For so long, people associated me as Ms. Gamechanger when I owned Women Are Gamechangers. It was nice but the expectation of being Ms. Gamechanger annoyed me. That wasn’t who I was as a person. It was content I was creating that people liked. The two shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

As I’ve grown more comfortable with who I am as an individual, I have no problem letting people know who Vernetta is. I blog and podcast about my experiences. Yes, experiences shape who you are but it doesn’t define me. Or at least, I refuse to let them ever again.

Vernetta ie me, is a funny, sarcastic, goofy, loving, caring, supportive person who loves reading, chocolate, brownies, Netflix and the Dallas Mavs.  That’s pretty much my life. And I enjoy every single minute of it. I try to travel but I get easily annoyed at people at the airport so I usually only travel for business. But I can’t wait to get back to traveling for international enjoyment again. And I’ll try not to get annoyed. So yes, easily annoyed fits me to a T.

When I’m not working for The Truth Confidant, I’m laid back, relaxing and connecting with who I am on a deeper level. Or binge watching Netflix.

Whether I keep The Truth Confidant as a business forever or not isn’t a big deal to me.

But knowing and loving who Vernetta is, is a big deal. 

Vernetta is the owner of The Truth Confidant. She is an outspoken Introvert, Blogger, Podcaster, Speaker, TV Host/Producer, ESL Instructor & Organizer for Houston African American Bloggers Association. MavsNation, Netflix Connoisseur.

She’s been featured on EOFire podcast, Madame Noire, CNBC.com as well as various websites, podcasts and blogs.