How I Plan to Celebrate World Introvert Day

Last year (week, lol) I came across this article on LinkedIn about world introvert day. I was like what???? Let me check this out. So, I did. And I knew I had to take part in it.

Introverts are the most united group on the planet as long as we get to stay home to do so. Inside joke.

As an introvert and no I’m not shy, I want to shed light on the differences within the community plus how I plan to celebrate today. I’ll focus on myself as that’s who I am an authority on.

I like a lot of quiet time to myself. I do not get bored when I spend a lot of time alone reading, journaling, watching Netflix or daydreaming. In fact, I rather enjoy that. I prefer small parties or groups of people to being surrounded by a tsunami of people wanting to all talk at the same time. Why would anyone enjoy that? As much as I like some artists, I can’t attend concerts if the venues are big. Why? That means a lot of people will be there. And that makes me anxious. So, I enjoy them via the Facebook Lives or videos other people post.

As an introvert, I go within when I am upset or hurt. I need to find a way to heal and make sure I keep my emotions in check. Even though you know when I’m upset, hurt or happy. I can’t hide that behind a façade. You will know.

One huge misconception people had about me growing up they thought I was a snob and standoffish. I was neither. I didn’t like being around people who acted goofy, silly or stupid just to get attention. I saw that as a waste of time. And I’m not a follower so if people were doing something I felt was too much energy I would have to invest, I wasn’t going to take part. So that kept me as an outcast a lot growing up.

I didn’t even know what an Introvert was or that I was one until I was in my 30s. All this time I had no idea why I didn’t like being around people but thrive in front of a small group. I’m literally the life of the party in a small group. You can’t get me to shut up. But in a huge group of people, you have to force me to speak. It’s so weird yet it’s what I do Every. Single. Time.

With that being said, I decided to spend today reading. I went to the library last week and picked up a few books to read over the weekend. Besides journaling, reading is the other thing I can do and never get bored. Of course, I’ll journal today too. It’s a new year so I want to write about the excitement of how I’m going to make acceptance a priority this year.

Anyway, I will journal, read, eat ice cream and possible watch some Netflix. That’s how I will celebrate World Introvert Day. Enjoying quiet time with myself doing the things I enjoy doing and not being bothered by other people. It can’t get much better than that!

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